Hello! I’m Lisa and I run Social Elements Media a social media consultancy based in Hertfordshire. I’d like to take this opportunity to give you a bit of background into how Social Elements was formed. 2017 was a whirlwind of a year for me because I embarked on a bit of a career journey. To be honest ever since having my twins 8 years ago (yes 8 I can hardly believe it) I’ve been on a career journey. I was always searching for that elusive job that provided the flexibility I needed for my family.

Up until the middle of 2017 I worked in the pharmaceutical industry in oncology clinical drug development. I took a few years out after my babies were born but went back to it when they started school. I loved my job and if anyone told me that after having children I would change career completely I would have laughed incredulously at them. The trouble was I didn’t like the stress of managing a full-on job with two children and a husband who also had a full on job. It was too much.

My story isn’t a new one.

I began searching for alternatives and found the Digital Mums Social Media Management course. It promised the opportunity to forge a flexible career around family and the added bonus that the subject area was one I was interested in. It wasn’t quite the right time though but when would be the right time? Luckily (or perhaps unluckily) 6 months later I was offered redundancy. I took it. As part of my contractual terms I was given 6 months notice which enabled me to sign up for the Digital mums course starting the following March. Exciting times. The only fly in the ointment was that we were having pretty extensive house renovations so it would be a busy time. The course was 6 months and pretty intensive.

What ensued was 6 months of juggling a job, house renovations and a course but I got through it. I learnt things I never thought I would and found I really enjoyed it. As part of the course you have to run a community based social media campaign, this was how HappyHerts was born. It took over my life I took photos of everything and got kids to pose for that perfect instagrammable (sure this word will make it into the dictionary soon) shot, posting content on the go and whilst cooking dinner. I found I loved it; I was “meeting” such a huge variety of people. My family had oodles of patience with me; they’d lost their mummy and wife to a phone. As part of the course you are put into peer groups with 5 other students; the aim is to provide peer group support for each other. I was lucky my peer group was (and still is) amazing, such a lovely, supportive and clever group of ladies. Although we are geographically miles apart it was and continues to be a great support. In fact, I’m due to run a “How to use Facebook for small business” workshop with one of them in September (see my section on Training in the website).

I graduated in October 2017 and since then life has become a whirl. I’ve continued to manage HappyHerts and now have 1k plus followers across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I encourage and support small businesses by using HappyHerts to advertise. Then in December 2017, I’m pleased to say that Social Elements Media was born and the rest, as they say, is history.

I’ll be writing regular blog posts here, which I hope, will be useful to anyone juggling a small business and struggling with their social media. Follow along and join me for the ride.